Dynamic dropdown filter

I have a dynamic dropdown that filter a repeating group (list of companies) based on the category (marketplace, saas, etc).
All works fine. How can a set the option “All categories” in the dropdown? The first option is a blank line, which of course lists all the categories when is clicked, but I believe not everyone will understand it, so I would like to place this option in the dropdown. Is that possible?

Thank you for your help.

Hi there, @filippo.livorno… it is definitely possible to do what you have described. Are you using an option set for your categories? If so, add “All Categories” as an option in the set, and then add a conditional to the repeating group that changes the data source to a search for companies with no constraints when the filter dropdown’s value is “All Categories”. Oh, and if you are using a dropdown to assign a category to a company, you can remove the “All Categories” option from that dropdown so a user can’t assign it to a company.

Any of that make sense? Hope it helps.



Hi @mikeloc. Thanks, I’m gonna try

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Hi @mikeloc.
I’ve tried but still couldn’t manage it.
It seems a common problem…Filter by All in a Dropdown - #7 by cowontherun
Thanks btw, I will try to figure it out

This response in that thread offers up another solution…

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Yep, I saw. I will end up try this or building a custom dropdown probably