Dynamic dropdown not populating


I’m creating a calendar app where users can add collaborators to calendars they’ve created. In the events section, any collaborator can now create an event under that calendar header (even if they weren’t the calendar’s creator).

When I do the following (created by = current user), it works and the selected item from the dropdown appears properly and can be selected

When I do the following (collaborators contains current user), the drop down still appears with all the proper calendars but once I click on a calendar, nothing appears in the dropdown input

Here’s a preview of it (hopefully this link works): https://evenigo.com/version-test/create_event?debug_mode=true

Let me know if need any further information.

Thank you!

Two logical explanations are:

  1. There is no calendars with the collaborators has the current user.
  2. Privacy rules of the user data type prevents search to happen.

You are amazing hergin - it was privacy! I just checked collaborators and now it works.

Thank you so much!

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