Dynamic form content


I’ve been using Bubble for about two weeks now and am loving the simplicity. I’m trying to work out the best way I might set an app to allow a form to be populated with dynamic content.

I’d see the app having the following:

  1. A screen for the logged in user to nominate settings (I’d use a hidden group with custom states to reveal). This page would allow the user to select and specify fields and values such as weights which would then be saved and specific to that user only. For example, a user might want to nominate some criteria for rating restaurants.

  2. a data collection form screen that used the settings from the screen in 1 about to display only the desired input fields and where the current user could then run for a number of occasions. For example, each time they went to a restaurant they would run through their criteria to rate that visit.

  3. Each completed form would then have summary information displayed, allowing the user to review and revisit.

The information would be specific to the user and only that user.

I’m thinking this could be done through repeating groups - ie for the setting screen, for the data collection screen and for the summary screen, but I’m interested in any thoughts or handy tutorial videos you may be able to suggest that may assist in coming up with a way to do this.

Thank you heaps!

Have you done the Bubble lessons? This is all just core Bubble functionality and it works basically as you’ve described. The lessons on saving data, saving/modifying data and sending data to pages should give you the basic ideas:

Thanks - I have done the lessons - maybe I need to revise it’s not yet fully sticking with me