Dynamic form to add product specifications when creating a product

Hi I am trying to create an app where user can create the product, add specifications and save.

I have two tables

  1. Product Table
  2. Product Specification Table

In the front end form user has to add Product Details and specifications and save.

I am trying to figure out how to create and save product specifications within a product.

  1. How to create a dynamic form to create a specification?
  2. On click of save button how to save the data into two tables (referencing specifications to Product ID)?

Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks

Hi, @blueoceans2002

Step 1 - you need to have a trigger button for this, to show the form or to display the data, first create an empty product and also the specification. Those empty Items or things have a there own Unique ids, its up to you to connect or relate them.

Step 2 - the save button, since its already created the product and specification, use the workflow “Make a changes to a thing” for both of them. it’s like you update the empty thing.

Step 3 - If you want to add another specification, do the same thing on that + Icon. but you should use the auto-binding on the inputs to save automatically. then hit save.

Step 4 - if you want to cancel the product creation, just delete the empty items

I hope that helps.


@vence.naga that sounds great and very helpful. I will implement that. Thanks

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