Dynamic Images with Bubble

Hey Community. Is it possible to link a hundred images to Bubble? I mean, I have a Google sheet with data which names = Bananas, Orange, carrot. My Google Sheet is already linked to Bubble. Those data are already dynamic. But I want to add images of each item (banana, orange, carrot). How dynamically can I linked my data (names) to images. e.g: (BACKEND) when Google Sheets send datas to Bubble and if the name = Banana, (FRONT END) the banana image will appear in the image element/area.

Do I must use a third plugin to manage images? How can I set it? The problem is Google Sheets can’t send images to Bubble, right?

Thank you guyz :wink:

Google sheets can send a URL of where the image is.

You can then a workflow that stores the image at that location in Bubble.

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Thank you :slight_smile: