Dynamic input "hack" - wrap text as list

Hi guys,
I’m using a plugin for PDF creation. I’ve created few tables. The scheme is, that for each column, you select a body like "Datatype’s list :each " - so you need lists as input with text as types. It automatically renders n rows then.

Now, I want to again create a table but only with header row and 1 data row (purpose is formatting the text nicely). I have no list of items, instead single text items but the plugin does not allows it, bc. of its requirement of list inputs.

My question: Can I somehow easily wrap my static text field in a list of length 1 (dynamically), without the need of creating an additional list field, which contains only 1 item? Would work but in an ugly fashion.


OK, I think I found a way using :split by

as argument, use a string that will not be part of your initial text - problem solved.

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