Dynamic Navigation

I have a scenario where I want to set up different user workflow options that can be created and configured to dynamically send the user to different pages.

Workflow 1: Page A > Page B > Page C
Workflow 2: Page A > Page C > Page D > Page E

… and most importantly, because I know I could hard-code this, the user can optionally create “Workflow 3” and store associated data values for a new, custom order of pages.

The reason this doesn’t seem to work is that the “Go to page …” action and “Link” element both have a page hard-coded as the target. Is there another way this can be done? Or can anyone think of clever work-arounds if not?

Did you ever figure this out? I have a different problem but it requires the same solution. I’m using social log in and want to redirect the user to the page they were trying to access before they logged in.

I can’t use return to previous page because that will just take them back to the OAUTH screen.

The long hacky way is to pass the page name to the login page and once they return manually create a workflow that basically works as a conditional statement based on the parameter passed. But this seems like something that could break easily.

You have to separate the work flows between the pages.
So page A will go to Page B
Then create a workflow on page B that is for when page loads go to page C

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