Dynamic Page display of Parent Child Databases

I have 2 sets of data that I would like to show in dynamic page.
See attached png. I just can’t seem to grasp how to do this in bubble.is.

I need to show info specific to student in top of page and the detail of all courses for that student below info below. Courses are stored in Course View and Students in a separate View. Any help much appreciated.

You would have a “course” thing in the database, that probably has a name and a list of students enrolled in the course attached. You would also have a “student” thing in the database, that has the student’s name, their city, and a list of courses they belong to.

The dynamic page would have a type of “student,” then you can reference all the data stored on the student.

I believe this concept is covered in the built-in interactive lessons, have you done those yet?