Dynamic Page Length - how to do it

Hi all

I’m about to start building functionality to create estimates/invoices as per the screens shown below. I’m stuck because I have no idea how to make a page’s length dynamic. When a new row is added to an invoice (via a popup), how do I push things below where it should be inserted down. Just a quick hint would be invaluable please.

A blank 3-part estimate/invoice

I did find the existence of templates for bubble … and I’ve read lots of forum threads about invoices but there is something basic about inserting things onto a page (dynamic length) that I’m just not seeing. All my pages to date are fixed length with fixed content (labels and inputs). Can anyone point me in a direction to allow me to get started, please?

Ok so I’ve been back through the lessons and I’m still struggling here. The only way I can see to add items to my estimate/invoice is to have a repeating group under each of the three headings but then I need to define how many rows will be visible and that is not right for the design I’m tasked with building. Can anyone help here please. How do I add rows under the three headings shown and push other things down the page. A pointer would be invaluable. I’m stuck.

If I understand, you’re looking for a repeating group, but you don’t want to be limited by having to declare the number of rows? You want to have the entire list of invoice items listed?

If so, you should be able to accomplish this by using the “full list” layout style. So, for example, if you add 5 “parts” items to an invoice, all five will display under the parts section. “Labor” and “other” will be pushed down to make room for the parts items.

If I’m wrong, it’d help a lot if you provided a link to your editor. Just make sure to put the application rights on “Everyone can view” in your app settings under the general tab.

Thank you @nnich19 _ I’ve spent all day looking for a solution. You understood exactly what I need and I suspect your suggestion will work. I was totally unaware of the different settings for an RG. When you’re learning, particularly doing it at speed as I am, only some things stick and then the others you need to learn by doing. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I appreciate that very much. I think this will work. I’ll let you know and share the editor if I get stuck again.