Dynamic pages / SEO issues - really need some help

We’re having extensive issues in creating some basic dynamic pages.

We have vendor profile pages, which are clicked through to from the vendor search page - pretty straight forward!
you can see our search page at:

However, after running an SEO tool on our indexed pages, we’re getting lots of errors and warnings:

“Pages have no outgoing links”
What are we supposed to have on our vendor pages? As they effectively are the dead-end for the user? Does this mean the header links of stallholder, entertainer and caterer aren’t being picked up by google?

“Orphage Page”
This is confusing, too. We created links from the search page. Have we done it wrong:

“Low word count”
when we click into this, the SEO tool is basically telling us there is 0 content on the resulting vendor pages (1,300 of them).
Have we set this up wrong? We have a resuable element inside the dynamic page which works form a user perspective, but have we set this up wrong so google can’t read the content?

Vendor Page:

Reusable element to show vendor:

We’re desperate to get this sorted now as we can’t progress the business without SEO running - If anyone’s had experience I’d love to hear from them.


Thanks for your wisdom here!

I’ve heard mixed reviews on Bubble’s SEO - My only hopes is hearing success stories here and there, as our business will rely on SEO going forward.

I think it might be an overall issue with ahrefs, as you say.

Thanks, Nigel - much appreciated.

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