Dynamic parameters that are not dynamic

Hi all! I’m having a small problem. I’m calling an external API that I’ve setup with API Connector. When I call the API (with a GET method) to initialise it (using a testing value as a parameter, “12382” in my case), everything goes good and I get the results using the “get from external API” feature, and I can even send dynamic parameters:


However, when I change that testing value with a dynamic value that is different from the testing value, the results are empty (although I don’t receive error). I only get results when the dynamic value (the parameter) is exactly the same I used to initialise the call (so, the testing value, 12382 in my case). It doesn’t matter what I do and if I change the testing value with a different value: the only way to get results is passing only the testing value I use to initialise the call.

What am I missing?

Thanks a lot!

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