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Dynamic placeholder for dropdowns

Hi, I would very much like it if it was possible to “insert dynamic data” in the “dropdown placeholder”.

I think it should be a viable option but atm it’s not. I can’t see why it wouldn’t. Is it possible to fix?

Thanks for bringing this up @oscar.hallerod

It is strange you can’t use dynamic data on the placeholder of the drop down element but it is possible to do with the Input Element. This is vital to create dynamic forms and fields the way you want.

I would like to mention this to @emmanuel

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@oscar.hallerod, could you share a screenshot of your dropdown with the edit panel open?

Anything on this yet?

Nothing has changed yet.

Just wanted to let you know guys that the Dynamic Placeholder for drop-downs is now doable. Check it out. :+1:


Has anyone a demo to … demonstrate?