Dynamic Size and Positioning of elements based on data base entry

Hello Bubblers, I am working on a new project, which I already build in Html/PHP.

the user of my app ca answer some questions. based on the answers, he will get a custom created graphic. like this oneBildschirmfoto 2020-04-15 um 09.11.41

the square size and position are based on the user’s answers in the form. in my HTML project I did this by creating an element with custom dimensions in pixels + border color and positioning it also with variables that calculate from the form entries.

any ideas if there is a plugin that can help me?

thank you :slight_smile:


@emmanuel would it possibility to enter dynamic data in the element position and dimensions field?

i am using a plugin now --> move and resize. yes you can enter dynamic data in the fields. It works perfectly fine :slight_smile:

Can we change the roundness of the group dynamically with that plugin?

Which plugin worked for you? I have a similar need here.