Dynamic sort field bug

Hello guys,

Did Bubble make any change on the dynamic sort function ? I just got the following message 3 days ago in one of my apps on which I haven’t been making any change for a month.

The dynamic sort field Created Date is not recognized as a field on the type JoinRequest

Anyone experiencing the same issue ?



I have Same issue.

Same issue here!

So, if that USED TO WORK, you should report a bug. Build a lil’ sample app that demonstrates and file a bug report (Google Bubble bug report for the URL).

I’m having the same problem, dynamic alignment doesn’t seem to work with the default fields, such as created date

Just a quick follow up to this to say that the bug regarding sorting dynamically by created date has been solved by the Bubble team, or at least it has in my case.

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Thank you @BrianHenderson for the update

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