Dynamic subdomains for SaaS application

I have a SaaS application where I allow customers to customize their own login page for their clients. I want to allow my customers to have their own subdomains. For example, customername.myapp.com. Has anyone figured out how to add subdomains? I reached out to Bubble support and they suggested I post my question here. Also, I have already looked at a previous post with this question, and the suggested plugin does not exist anymore.

I am sure someone else has figured it out, so looking for some direction. Thanks.

A disclaimer that I haven’t used this service, but I see this question come up from time to time (subdomains in Bubble for individual subapps or branding) and users point to https://coalias.com/ as a platform to help manage this. I myself will need something similar to what you describe in the next year or so, so if you do go this path I’d love to hear your experience :slight_smile: