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Dynamic submenu within repeating group or table?

How is everyone handling dynamic submenus within repeating groups or tables? I was going to use a groupfocus, but it won’t recognize/attached to an icon within the repeating group. I am hoping to find an option is that is not plugin dependent - this is what I have now, but the plugin creator has been unresponsive for over a year and the plugin is buggy and not working, so I need to find another solution.

As an example, I have a table of users and I want the submenu to dynamically show or hide options based on 1) the dropdown function in the top left of the table and 2) the user’s profile options (in the example below, the current user has already submitted a review for the profile in the table).

This may help - Bubble Hack: How to have a vertical menu show upon clicking something with a repeating group cell

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Perfect! Thank you!

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