Dynamic text not showing for some new users

I have a card that shows to subscribers on my site how much of their quotas they have used, like this:


The problem is that it should show like x/160, for example “32/160” if someone has received 32 mail items. But it is not.

I am using this logic for it, and the data exists in the database but it is just not showing:


I have already played with text or and area size but nothing.

Also, this used to work only for users that were signed up earlier but now it works for no one. Any idea as to why it might be happening?

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Hi there, @rodrig.naska… from the information you have shared, the things that come to mind are the constraints (or lack thereof) on the search for mail items, the conditionals on that element possibly tripping things up, or perhaps privacy rules are getting in the way. Did you check all of those things?



I feel like such a noob haha. I had indeed messed up the conditions. Thanks!

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