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Dynamic Tiles / Repeating Groups / Custom Buttons

This is a general concept questions and I have deleted the app I was working on until I’m better able to map it all out and working more closely to what I am envisioning, but I think I had originally understood Repeating Groups incorrectly.

The main homepage of the app (primarily mobile) will consist of 6 tiles (2 columns, 3 rows) which is why I had planned to do Repeating Groups. Some clients may actually have 8 tiles, and in which case the page will scroll to the bottom 2.

The users of the site will be assigned a client ID, and the client would choose if they want 6, or 8 tiles. When an employee of Client A logs in, he/she sees the 6 tiles their employer chose, and any employees from Client B will see the 8 tiles their employer chose.

I envisioned having a database that for client A, i would list out the 6 cells they chose, and client b the 8 cells, etc. But it now occurs to me the repeating group wouldnt work that way.

Anyone with any thoughts that could point me in the right direction on what to test? From there I’d look for each button to have a certain type of action. Each tile type has a specific action, and that would be performed for any client who chose to have it on the homepage.

Thank you!

I think that as I was thinking about it, repeating groups will not be the solution here so am trying to test with some custom states etc.

Based on what client I choose from the dropdown, I want to have the tiles adjust accordingly. Having just the test pull in is easy enough for me (based on current link). But I am going to want more than text: The green and pink groups are what I would LIKE to pull in, in order to have a colored box, an icon, and also text. Is there a way to pull in full groups based on the selection? For example Client 1 gets the green box, then the pink box. Client 2 gets the pink box, then the green box, and client 3 gets just the green box?