Dynamically Lookup Data Types From API JSON Response

Hi there! I am currently creating a product that uses Webflow’s API. I managed to setup a backend call to retrieve all of the items in a CMS collection for a wide range of different websites. Below is the returned values when I initialized the call for a site for breweries . Since all of my users websites will be unique, this response will always have different fields / data types.

I would like to rewrite the response from Webflow into a json that only include two fields:

  1. slug: this is a fixed data type and will be on every api response no matter what - I am having no issues with this.
  2. dynamic-field: this is a value provided by users in my app that I would like to lookup in the JSON response from Webflow, and display the values in my own json.

Unfortunately, when I try to configure the workflow, I only can lookup, search for, and filter values from the initialization call in the api connector. See below:

Does anyone have any idea how I can dynamically pull values into a workflow from a json response with unique data types each time? If it’s not possible are there any plugins that could help?

Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyone have an idea? Been banging my head against a wall for days trying to figure this out :grimacing:

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