Dynamically move buttons based on show/hide buttons

I would like to move the position of the buttons based whether an input field is showed or hidden.
If an input button is shown, then the position of the button should move.

Here is the attached example:

Currently day fields are fixed. If user press +, new row will be shown. Position of Home, Back, Submit buttons are fixed in the very bottom of the page.

When there is only one row, there is large blank space in the page between day fields and home/back/submit row.

My requirement is, I would like to keep the home/back/submit button next to first row of day. When user clicks +, a new day row should be displayed and home/back/submit button should move down.

please advise.

I built a template that does the same thing a while ago. Obviously, not identical, but implements the same function and you can look at the editor to find out how.

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