Dynamically pull a Thumbnail from a Youtube video

Quick summary on what I am building :building_construction:

  • On my site, users add their Dog video from youtube (I’m using the Bubble Video element which requires the youtube video ID)
  • All users’ Dog videos appear in a feed on the homepage
  • Users upvote their favorite videos

Is there a way to pull their youtube video’s thumbnail automatically?
I realize I could require the user to upload their thumbnail as an image when submitting their video, but I’d like to eliminate this step by automatically pulling it.

I’m still a beginner on here, but if someone could point me to a plugin that is capable of this, or any other help, I’d appreciate it greatly :grinning:

Hey there @stevegagz9,

The only way off the top of my head would be to look at YouTube’s API and see if they allow you to get a video’s thumbnail.