Dynamically reduce scrollable height of RG

Hi! I have an issue with the dynamic height of a repeating group that is scrollable.

I’ve set up a workflow to allow expansion of a row’s height upon click. Same to collapse. The issue is with the last row of the RG, which collapses upon click but there remains a huge blank space. It looks like the RG’s window which is scrollable does not collapse back, it remains at the max stretched height. Any tip on how to fix this? Potentially with CSS.

Initially collapsed last row of the RG

Same row upon expansion

Upon collapse again - this is the issue with the blank vertical space

In your last screen shot that shows the upon collapse, the issue is not with the RG it is with the white group that appears and stretches it’s width across the screen.

In your preview tab, use the inspect tool to hover over that white group to find it’s name and remove it from your page, or at least check on the visibility of that group and change the settings or workflows that are making it visible.

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Thanks @boston85719! you must be right because it seems this issue disappeared after I restructured the groups yesterday afternoon.

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