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Dynamically-sized cells in repeatable groups?

Hi - I’m trying to create a site (it’s an online marketplace) using repeatable groups where the cells are laid out like one of these examples:

Is it possible to vary the size of cells in repeating groups either:

a) according to a customised formula or IF/THEN statement, or
b) dynamic cell height adjustment?


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any news on this one?

you could make a bunch of repeating groups inside a main group with the rows and columns set to one - then the info in the first tile would reflect currant cells thing item#1, then item number#2 and so on.

I don’t have a solution for the masonry-style display, but as far as dynamic repeating group cell height , what I did was make all the elements a minimum height of 60px, images included, and set the image to “adjust element height” when rendered.

do the same with the text. Just give it a nice padding:

and then it will auto-grow to fit the content

Contain the image and text(s) in a group inside the cell and that should do the trick.