Dynamically sort a repeating group based on text in an input field

I have a page with a repeating group of “categories”, each with a repeating group of “subcategories”. At the top of the page is a text field. Currently, the user can type a word into the text field to match against the subcategories. Any categories with a subcategory that matches the string gets highlighted, and the subcategories that match are highlighted too.

What I would like to have happen, though, is for those subcategories that match the text string to be sorted to the top of their respective repeating groups. Is this possible?


What you can do here is use “merged with” and run two searches, one for subcategories that contain the word and then one where it doesn’t. That will bring them to the top.


The above is doing something similar, it brings a particular category of Location to the top of the user’s feed.

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