Dynamicaly resize repeating group on user input

I have a repeating group where by I allow the user to add/remove columns on the fly. I use custom states to hide/display those column’s headers and the content inside that specific column. For example if they use says he doesn’t want to see the Name column, it changes a custom state to “hide name is yes”. This in turn wil hide the entire column. Trouble is I then want the repeating group to resize, but the remaining data must stil be in their correct columns. How to accomplish this?

These seems like a good challenge for sure. :blush:

Have you thought about maybe doing something like having a horizontal repeating group (full list) inside your vertical repeating group that shows the columns for you instead of just showing and hiding them? Then maybe you can programmatically remove a column by removing it from the horizontal repeating group.

It seems a bit of a stretch but, in theory, it could work. I would also have the titles in a horizontal repeating group maybe to to keep everything aligned properly.

Anyways, I just wanted to throw some sort of idea out there for you since no one answered with a better suggestion yet. :blush:

Hope that helps! :blush:

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