Easier way to import repeating group data?


I have an app where users can create templates for items to use later. The problem they have been running into is copying and pasting from their PDF documents to the app as “it takes too long”. I frankly agree. Is there a way I can upload their columns and rows into a spreadsheet, but have it print on the front end as if they had copied it in there? Example of data input below.

Im currently implementing a PDF uploader so they can send me their documents, but then I have to input the data for them. It would be really cool if the PDF uploader could convert the text into the fields automatically! Is this even possible?

Maybe you can implement a .csv import. There is no way parsing the data in a .pdf especially if every .pdfs format is different.

You would need an API service where you send the PDFs and get them back in CSV format. But as @dev2 mentioned, since every PDFs can be uniquely designed, you can’t be 100% sure that the imported data will be without errors.

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I like this idea. Maybe I can have a file uploaded for the user but on the back end I can do a csv import. Or maybe even give them and myself on the portal the option to type it in, file upload, OR csv upload??

@peng.o what do you think?

Of course you can give them multiple options. You could charge the user for a pdf import or give them X imports for free with their plan (and create the data manually).

And just on top of what @dev2 mentioned, you could control costs by automatically creating an MTurks hit to do do the pdf parsing “humanly” at a lower cost.

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