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Easiest way to add guide and screen tips to my app?

I find it quiet complicated to add screen tips and guides to my apps, and making sure it’s only visible the first time etc…
And it’s just hard to make it look nice.

So I was wondering if anyone else would use something like Intro.js
It allows you to add very nice guides and tips to your app:

On the other hand, would you guys at bubble be able to add something like intro.js?


To show a welcome message to first time users see Usage of cookies

We are not quite ready to implement intro.js or build a similar system, but we definitely want to add it at some point in the future.


I know this is old, but I’m trying to do something similar. How were the Bubble lessons created?

They’re hard coded as they’re very linked to our editor interface. But with the draggable plugin could let you do a lot.


I’m sure that there is plenty in the pipeline for the Bubble team. That said, I’d also like to throw a vote in for intro.js - in addition to guides and tips, I see some potential to use the library for over-the-top UX on forms (ex. Editing users, profiles, etc). Users with a lot of data on a page (invoices, booking records, any excel-like page) could also use it to find info in an elegant way.

Example - when someone presses the “Add User” button, you could ‘Show’ an add/edit user group…highlight “First Name”, highlight “Last name”, etc…we could create Bubble apps with an almost Typeform-like feel. Forms are powerful.


This sounds like a great candidate for the Element Plugins we’re going to make open in a few days.


Element Plugins? ahhhh snap. Can’t wait to see what people come up with !

Well, this is exciting! Awesome :+1:

Hi, any updates on this?
is it possible to do this now? i’m trying to add screen ( group) that will only appear when it is the first visit for the user. even if the user is not signed up? i want to modify the cookies not the database.