Easiest way to implement business logic

I’m building a workflow management tool and am looking to implement business logic to calculate fields or enable buttons etc.

I’m talking about logic on the order of this complexity. Possibly also looking up other database tables, etc as part of calculations:

if (If (field A > [variable], Lookup (table, KeyToMatch, RetunColumn) * 100), max(fieldC, fieldD) > 50, "True", "False")

I’m not sure how to go about this. Do i need to create a plugin? Do i have to call out to an API and then use API to acll back into bubble to look up variables etc. These both seem very over engineered for simple logic.

Note - Although I’d definitely be interested in how to solve for the specific example above, I’m mainly looking for a flexible approach to handle all sorts of business logic.


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It is much more simplified than that with Bubble. It seems like you are looking for a group or repeating group to have a “Data Source” that is set to “Do a search” for whatever table you want. Then in that search you can say "field A > “a variable” Then if it needs to be more complex or filtered after that you can add the “:filtered” and do advance “AND/OR” statements. The variables in bubble are just what you save to any element as a custom state.