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Easiest Way to Save/Recall Unique ID?

Looking to

-save a Thing and assign it a unique ID (or number, etc);
-find the Thing later by doing a search for the unique ID

Easiest way?

Perhaps this: Generate random combination of letters and numbers fith fixed length?


Can you not just have a field called uniqueid and increment it by +1 for each new entry based off the last entry or do you need randomness to hide the id for a reason?

@john3 thanks for the response. That makes sense; what would that workflow look like?

“_person_ID = Person’s _person_ID +1”

Hmmm…Person’s personID isn’t showing up in the dropdown list of options…

@remdim Sorry if that was confusing - I mean in your Create a new person box at the last row after personID = then you select Person from the dropdown then in the next dropdown you select personID. Then after you pick it you then pick + then you type “1”.

So altogether it will look like personID = Person’s personID + 1

Gotcha; that’s what I thought you meant. I don’t have the option of selecting “Person” from the dropdown though.

Thank you for your patience.

No problem - all you need to do is select “Do a search for” from that menu. In the next box you can select Person table as what you want to search for then after you press ok you can select personID by clicking after Person.

Let me know if that works for you!

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That worked; thanks!

Cool! Glad it worked :slight_smile: