Eazycode File Manager not updating file

I purchased the Eazycode code plugin to enhance my app’s capability to handle/upload/download/edit/update text files.

I can not get to keep the changes made to a text file (a field in the database). The change is made in a multiline input. I followed the 3rd example they give in their demo and no luck after many hours of attempts.

Flow: File content is loaded in the multiline (success), a change is made (success), save button is pressed (on the surface it keeps the changes displayed in the multiline input). Now the failiure happens when the Edit button is pressed. The new file content should load. Instead the old file content is loaded.

Any help would be appreciated.

Were you able to overcome this? I am running into the same issue.

Just changed the plugin. The authors did not reply to any of my questions. The plugin I used instead is Generate and Download Files (this one has alos an issue when it comes to saving a file but I found a way to to go around the problem by saving twice, seperated by a 2 second delay.).

Thanks for the quick response. So with this plugin you are able to edit and save update to the original file and URL?

Yes indeed.