a social media for sound

Dear Bubblers

I am working on a social media for ears called Its basically a player with a social network behind, allowing you to listen to sounds from your friends or people you follow…

Let me know what you think! Try it on:

I am using the soundrecorder and soundplayer from zeroqode and it even plays in the background on mobile, which is really useful!

I hope some of you have time to give som feedback…
Best Rune

I like the concept. I have a seen a few similar ideas in the last few months but nothing that has gone mainstream yet so the niche is still open. Also nothing created on nocode I believe. I also like the brutalist design. Not sure if that was intentional on your part.

My dislikes are it is not intuitive, the front page doesn’t tell me what the purpose of the site is nor what it is I should do as my next step. Would be cool also if you can at a later stage add either commenting or follow up audio uploads to an original audio as a form of interaction instead of just likes.

Well done!

Thank you for taking your time to look at it! Please post links if you see similar sites out there…

First time visitors should get a few speechbubbles, telling about the different icons, but yeah it lacks a short explainer it made this movie that im throwing in there soon:

I love brutalism too :slight_smile: