EDIEL plugin needed

We need a API plugin for the EDIEL communication format, and are considering developing a plugin for this.

EDIEL is similar to EDIFACT, but for communication of information regarding ELectric sales and metering.
We are only interested in metering readings, but would of course also need the authentication part:
Some doc here: https://ediel.org/guides/
And I believe this document is the one relevant for our usage:
MSCONS – Used for metered values and bilateral contracts.

Anyone have any exprience with EDIFACT or even EDIEL that can produce such a integration plugin?

We want to be able to use Bubbles API interface to request and read EDIEL messages.
We do not need any updates.
But once this plugin is created, it might be of interest for developer to extend it with more functionality, as this is an international(EU) standard.
We do however want full ownership and usage rights of our module, and a heavy discount on any future maintenance and development. To be discussed.

Please leave a message with an approx estimate if this is of interest and possible to solve.

I DO NOT want someone that has little or close to none experience developing plugins and working with integrations. EDIFACT experience is a huge plus!

Best regards
Alexander Moan
CTO Fifty5

Hello @alexander.moan
I will be glad to assist you,
please check PM,

Hello @alexander.moan
Hope You are well!
I would like to assist you!
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Haha How many folk in here have worked with EDIFACT? I did in the late 90’s for GE, I remember dreaming in PAYMUL. :rofl: Fun times.

Know! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
That is the problem! Why on earth have they gone for EDI communication? That is stone-age stuff.