Edit concatenated text in Rich Text Input


First, thank you all for your contributions.
Since I’m a beginner, I’ve been reading silently until now.

I use checkboxes to add or delete standard sentences in a text.
I need to edit the concatenated text so I use Rich Text Input plugin.

Unfortunately, when I edit the concatenated text, checking / unchecking checkboxes doesn’t work any more.

Please, would you have an idea of how I could edit the concatenated text and still be able to add or delete standard sentences in this text by checking / unchecking previous or other checkboxes ?

Here is an example in demo mode:

Thanks by advance for your help!


Hi @djeici, I would have to see your editor but I think the best way to do this would be to compile your text after it is edited, rather than prior. The way you have it set up will be very difficult to allow it to be edited and continue to dynamically add sections without overwriting any previous changes.

Hello @eli ,

Thank you for your answer.
Sorry but I don’t know how to share my editor.
Here’s a printscreen:

Thanks by advance for your help!