Edit Data from a Repeating Group after it has been Submitted

I have created a page where the user enters tiers for their pricing model when they are creating a new pricing plan. I have made the tiers so that they get entered into a repeating group and then shown to the user. It is added to the repeating group when the + icon is clicked.

This means that the data is stored in a new row in the data table each time a new tier is added in the repeating group. When the button ‘CREATE’ is pressed it saves all the other data into a different table as well. It also creates a GUID by ‘calculating a random string’. This is then saved alongside the other data in the table (not the table the repeating group data is stored in) I would like this ‘random string’ to also ‘update’ the existing data in the column called plan ID in the repeating group table as it does not get saved there currently.
This is the repeating group table:

This is the table where the other plan data is stored (along with the ‘random string’).

So is there any way to update the data in the repeating group table so that the plan ID is also in there. The user does not see the plan ID when they create the plans or tiers, it is only an internal thing to help sort the plans.
Thanks in advance for the help!

Hi there, @harry7… if I understand your post correctly, you should be able to have a step in the workflow that makes changes to a list of things (with the list defined as the repeating group’s list of items), and the change to make is to populate the Plan ID (Int) field with the result of the previous step’s random string. Have you already tried something like that?


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Hi, yes I had previously tried to change a list of things however I did not define the list of things, only the type of thing to change. So now this has worked. Thanks so much for your help.

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