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Edit Dynamic JSON - Approach?

So here’s a challenge:

I have a nested JSON field that’s dynamic – tab-ids. Yet I need to edit the ‘value’ field. I can’t get a good reference as there’s no unique id since changes each time I generate the API call as the tab-ids are unique to the document I generate. Sooo how would you search for the Value field and update it?

                "validationPattern": "",
                "validationMessage": "",
                "shared": "false",
                "requireAll": "false",
                "value": "",
                "required": "true",
                "locked": "false",
                "concealValueOnDocument": "false",
                "disableAutoSize": "false",
                "maxLength": "4000",
                "tabLabel": "addressZip",
                "font": "lucidaconsole",
                "fontColor": "black",
                "fontSize": "size9",
                "localePolicy": {},
                "documentId": "1",
                "pageNumber": "1",
                "xPosition": "132",
                "yPosition": "467",
                "width": "106",
                "height": "20",
                "tabId": "8b904ea7-9d1b-4565-a06b-863233b983a7",
                "templateRequired": "true",
                "tabType": "prefilltab"

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