Edit history? restore app?

Hello, yesterday i accidentally deleted a group with a lot of work put in to it (like 40+ hours) and i contacted support who said i can bring it back by " One option to reverse this would be to restore your app to the moment before the group was deleted using the custom time and date option in the version control panel of your app."

However i can’t seem to find where this is in the editor? Is it even avaliable on the free version? Thankful for any help!

Hi there, @Orbit… no, the history feature is not available on the free plan. You would access the history feature where in the editor for a free app you see a button that says Upgrade to deploy.


According to Bubble’s pricing table, the free version should allow you to restore your app to a previous version… but only up to 6 hours ago.

That said, I don’t think you can actually to that on the free version anyway, as the button you need to click to do it doesn’t exist in the editor of the free version.

Oh bummer… thanks for the info!

Thanks for the info! what a bummer :frowning: time to get back to work then…

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