Edit /install plugin scroll down issue

Hi there!

Bubble early starter from Paris, France - I am facing a quite ridiculous issue as the elements Edit pop up and install new plugin just don’t scroll down! I am using Chrome - Any of you guys ever faced this issue ?

Just an FYI - my experience is you will usually get faster, better response and/or help when you give a link to your editor. :sunglasses:

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Here’s the link. Just a trial app to discover functionnalities


Something like this?

Thanks for the reply but nope. It is really just the builder interface,
when trying to define further an element by editing it, I can just not scroll the edit down
Same thing happens with the install plugin menu. right hand side plugin list just doesn’t scroll down.
I refreshed cleared y cache and did all the cleaning I could but the problem persists…

oh, now I understand. Seems like it may be a bug because I am not having those issues - I just tried it and they both work for me.

File a bug report, they are pretty quick about it - they get to them as fast as possible. It may resolve itself, seems to happen sometimes.

Also, just for giggles (if you haven’t already) log out of bubble and log back in

Hi Proust007. I just filed the bug report and found what I think is causing the issue. My Laptop has a touch screen (which I don’t use). touching the screen has the visual element editor and install plugin scroll down but this set up must somehow be preventing the mouse to work with these elements - not really comfortable but I an at least continue eveluating functionnalities.

Good to hear you got it figured out

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