Edit style of an text input while taping

Hello Guys,
I’m working on a writing app at the moment, and i try to wrap my head around the ability to change the style of a line depending on key words.
Basically like all markdown editor to be able to see a difference when you put a # at the beginning of a line.
I have no clue in CSS nor JS, so may be i need to look that way ?
Thanks a lot

You can use the bbcode markdown for text in bubble.

Bubble will automatically render the styles based on this.
It uses a tag-system though, so there will be opening and closing tags before and after the text you want to style - just like html.

Thanks !
It doesn’t fulfill all my needs though. What if I want a worflow to start when I type some characters.
Let’s say i want to create a new thing when I type /create ?

Here you can run a workflow with the event as Input's value changed and select this input