Editing a reference to a different data type

I’ve got one datatype: AudioClip which has some fields including a field for AudioBook and Author, which are different data types. I can edit using the built in bubble data editor but trying to make an interface for it, I’m stuck.

How can I let the interface let me do a lookup from the Author table instead of showing me this DBNode stuff?

ok you use a dropdown , that’s how.

putting this here for the next schmoe who needs it:

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You can do a lot more than just create a drop down to do that. Having the relation between the two different datatypes allows you to find ways to edit the data between them by using the relationships to retrieve the data in many ways.

You can set it up in R.G. for example where you have the datasource as author and then in the cell with current author show all the audiobooks they have available.

I recently had to create an API workflow to take two different data types that had some “duplicate” data and merge the data. Basically I had a list of products from two different sources uploaded via the database amounting to around 2,000 products in each table ( product_list_1 and product_list_2 which were two separate data types )

I had to match first product_list_1 that had the same name as an item from product_list_2 and then “copy” the data from product_list_2 into the corresponding entry on product_list_1 because the second product list had more information than what was on the first list and the first list had information about the product not stored in the second list.

Getting familiar with referencing the different datatypes through their relations makes things a lot easier in bubble, so definitely planning your database structure is essential to mitigating issues. If you do the relational database structure correctly you should be able to reference every data type from any other data type

Good one Ryan16. Had a similar issue: Used autobinding on an input element, but should have used a dropdown.