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Editing an uploaded text file

Hello Guys.

Does anyone know of a way to load a text file in the browser update its contents and reattach the modified file?


Something like this?

  1. Choose file, with HTML file input.
  2. Javascript: read in file, apply Mysterious Updater Function.
  3. Store the resulting string or blob somewhere, where exactly?


That’s not what I meant! Hahaha

Creating and attaching and text file at runtime. So, for example, the input fields text to attachment.txt.

That is clearer.

Would you want the text file to:

  • Be uploaded into Bubble’s S3 as a file, and attached to a database thing? This would need to be done by an element plugin.
  • Be available for the user to download with a link on the page? This can be done in javascript.

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