Editing and Deleting

I am creating a system on Bubble in which I can add multiple users As I am the Admin so I can edit their Accounts and also I can delete their accounts
Adding Users is Done, now I want to Edit and Delete the users from the database but from the frontend, something like in the List of the users each record is having Edit and a Delete icon So when I click on them I can Delete that specific row and also When I click on the Edit icon, Editing page appears with the Data of that user so I can edit that data.
I have created a Data Type of “Users” and “User Name”, “Email”, “Role”, “Phone”, and “Password” as data fields.
How I can edit or delete all these fields?

Hi there, @rubaqazi2000… if you created your own User data type and included a Password field on it, I strongly suggest you take a big step back and learn the basics of Bubble, including learning about the built-in User data type. You are headed down the wrong path with what you described, and you will definitely want to correct that course before going any farther.


No, I have not created a User data type. I used built-in User data type but I added some data fields in it like User Name, Role and Phone

Well, that’s good, but if you created a Password field on the built-in User data type, you are still doing something wrong.

Anyway, to edit and delete users, you will need to make sure your privacy rules support an admin having access to all users. Then, you can use a repeating group to show the users to the admin, and you can put icons for editing and deleting in the repeating group. When a user is edited, you could show their data in a popup by passing the current cell’s user to the popup. To delete a user, you would likely pass the current cell’s user to some sort of confirmation message, and then you could delete the user from there.

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