Editing different table entries with one click

For simplicity, I have two tables, ‘Clients’ and ‘Orders’. ‘Clients’ contains Business name, Contact name and address. ‘Orders’ is a table of the orders of each client. I need to click on ‘Client’ and see their ‘Orders’

Business Name
Business Address

Business Name

I’ve got repeating groups set up to show a list of clients, and clicking on the client shows their orders, and it works great.

I need the field ‘Business Name’ in both tables to be synchronised. The ‘Business Name’ is editable and might be changed, there may be a typo that needs correcting or the business itself is sold and reopens under a new name.

I’ve poked around the workflow page and can’t figure this out. I can get ‘Clients’ to accept the updated name but can’t get ‘Orders’ to update the business name, so that if the ‘Clients’ business name is edited the ‘Orders’ becomes disassociated.

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