Editing HTTP 200 Response


I’m connecting my app to the Slack API and I want to enable the interactivity through slack.

I created an endpoint which detect data from the HTTP Post from Slack and retrieve datas, this part works well.

As security, Slack send to the endpoint a “challenge” parameter that I just have to put in my HTTP 200 response to have access, but I don’t know where or if it’s possible to add this parameter to this response.

Anybody have had this problem too ?

Thanks for help

You could try to use the workflow action

Data (Things)->Return data from API 

to return the value to slack.

Thanks for your answer @reger-alexander ,

I fixed the problem by deleting the “/initialize” at the end of the url that I added on the Slack interface.

I don’t really understand why it’s only working with the /endpoint ine th URL,

Thanks !