Editing & manipulating Excel files

Hi Bubblers,

I need a plug-in to edit & manipulate Excel file. Automate the create rows/columns, delete rows/columns, update headers etc.

User case:
My customer uploads an excel file. The file is not in csv to import into Bubble so the file needs to be converted into csv. BUT there is a lot of empty rows and columns, so that needs to be remove first before import.

I’ve tried Parabola and the editing works great (and I’m even willing to pay the $80/month :scream:), but the problem is that you need to schedule a pull API request and that can only happen every 15min or so. I would like something more in-real-time.

Any suggestion / workaround?


I know this is an old thread but did you ever figure something out?

Unfortunately no :frowning: Which is super frustrating! I used Parabola for a while but it is just too expensive. Fortunately I convinced my customer to import a csv instead of an excel file. To manipulate the csv I use EasyCSV.

But I’m still looking for a solution…