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Editing "Mode" for dropdown in repeating group not showing dropdown options

I’ve created a dropdown meant to display locations associated with a company. When I add a campaign (job ad), I can select the available locations from the dropdown. This is my first foray into using dynamic dropdowns, although my static dropdowns display their respective data as well. However, when the edit button is pressed, and the input is now editable, the options for the dynamic dropdown (Campaign Location, do not appear.

Like I mentioned, adding a new campaign there is no problem viewing the options in add campaign popup, the selection writes to the database once the add button is pressed, but when I go to my dashboard I created to view all my campaigns and I want to edit one of them, the dynamic dropdown doesn’t display the options for the dynamic dropdown.

I have 5 data types: User, Location, Employee, Company, and Campaign. Within Campaign, the fields I have relevant to the Location is field: Location Name and it’s type is location. Should that be a list? Or something else?

Here are some screenshots:

Pic 1: Input field on the “Add Campaign” popup. (design mode)

Pic 2: Dynamic Dropdown for locations (Preview mode)
Pic 2

Pic 3: Design mode of repeating group for all campaign data fields.

Pic 4: Preview Mode (my own “edit mode”) for the Campaign Location dropdown.
Pic 4

In my “edit mode” I can only see what is currently there, but no other options from the dynamic dropdown appear. Any ideas on how to make it appear when I have my stuff in edit mode?