Editing repeating group single line


I am working on an invoice and would like to have the possibility to edit a single line within the repeating group. I have all the input fields as disabled until a button is clicked.

I have created both an edit and a delete button for each line and would like to have the function, that once the edit button is clicked, only that specific line is editable. Currently when I click the “Edit” button all the fields becomes not disabled, but this applies to all the cells within the repeating group, and not just the line at which the button was clicked.

The main issue is that there is a Unit Cost and a Quantity input, which is autobinding to parent element. But to get the total cost to automatically update, I have created a change thing as part of a workflow, once the “Finish Edit” button is clicked, that then updates the total invoice cost.

Does anyone have a quick fix for this?


Should use the orchestra plugin


I will have a look at this plugin.


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