Editing Reusable Popup Signup Ends up Looking like this:

I’m new to Bubble slogging through what should be a fairly simple MVP, but good god, the errors and options. I’ve tried many times to edit a reusable popup signup, and I end up with a whole alphabet’s worth of reusable elements in the editor that take forever to delete. The image is the result of only 2 attempts at this. Please see image. I’m really just trying to create 2 popup signups to register 3 Types of user. One popup can be used for 2 types. **And while anyone is looking at this, is there a simple way to do an “If, Else, Else-if” type workflow, as well a how to save a workflow and reuse that? That’s a bunch, but that’s what I got. Thanks.
2020-03-19 18_44_45-Local-harvest-6 _ Bubble Editor

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