Editing Template Clears Workflow

I am new to bubble. I bought my first template and I’m trying to change the workflow on an existing element. If I try to edit the workflow on the element the workflow is blank and when I preview it the template element no longer works. Am I able to edit workflows on purchased templates? thanks

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Welcome to Bubble! Yes, you can edit workflows on templates. The thing is, each developer creates templates and builds on Bubble differently. Maybe the button is not triggering a workflow but maybe it does something else instead. If the element didn’t have a workflow that means that it wasn’t running a workflow to make it work. Maybe it’s not the element but something else, like the group it’s in, that triggers the workflow.

You can always undo what you did and then in preview mode you can debug it. Just click “step by step” to watch what is happening in slow motion.

I hope that was helpful! :blush:

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Found it. Thanks so much for the quick reply!

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Glad you got it to work! :grinning: