Editing uploaded text file

Hello, Is there a way to edit text files uploaded using file uploader?
Any help is very much appreciated. To add more context, I would like to be able to edit the file directly instead of having to downloading, editing and reuploading.

When you use the file uploader in bubble it returns the uploaded URL of the file. You can setup a api call using the bubble api connector. You can first upload the file, grab the url and then make a GET api call to that url (don’t forget to add the https:) to the url and also set the data type to “text” from the default json.


That’s a great tip, thank you! unfortunately I am a newbie checking out bubble for the first time. The free plan I am currently using does not support API queries. Could there be some other way?

I’m also very interested in this, ideally duplicating a file, editing the duplicate in the background and then offering it as a download for the user.

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