Editor, auto decrement horizontal position [solved]

I noticed this behavior in my editor (Chrome and Safari). At any moment (not always) I touched any object, it decrements the H position (can’t replicate). Also, when I move any X-Y direction, it decrements H, one by one (this I can replicate). Any thoughts?

update: it works well if the zoom of the browser is at 80%.

We fixed a bug relative to this recently, so what we need here is a reproduction case, otherwise it’s quite hard to track down…

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Good to know the issue has been addressed. I will continue to investigate and send a bug report when found. Thanks.

edit: Many of my horizontal objects are at 0.

The problem is the editor zoom (at 90%). To fix it, put it back to 100%. :slight_smile:
Instead used the NEW Bubble zoom.

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